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Pay it Forward: Liebster Award Nomination

As someone who is pretty new to the blogging world I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there was an award that could given; from one blogger to another as a way to help new bloggers gain some traction.

The over all point of this award is to help, meet, and network with other bloggers. As well as show that you are part of a larger web of bloggers that have started a wave of helping people be heard. I spent a solid two weeks mulling over my nomination and trying to decide who to nominate. I ended up with a list of people I know or knew personally at some point in my life as well as a few that I don't know, but are blogging staples in my city.

Despite my urge to help those close to me, my nominator for this award is a Style/Lifestyle/Beauty blogger from North London; Robyn Samantha. Thank you for my nomination Robyn!

Now, before I start the meat of the post, here are the "rules".

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • Give 11 random facts about you (or your blog/channel)
  • Answer 11 questions given by your nominator.
  • Nominate up to 11 other blogs with less then 1000 followers
  • Create 11 questions for your nominees.
  • Contact your nominees once your post is up.

Simple stuff right? (the questions were actually fun to think up, trust me, but you may cheat and steal some of mine)


11 Facts about Chelsea
  1. I talk to myself, like, a lot.
  2. I write fan-fiction. Nerdy yes. I'm 10 years in and 40 full length stories deep with upwards of 200 "dedicated" readers.
  3. My dream is to create a popular art/photography/literary magazine at some point.
  4. I don't take negative criticism well.
  5. My life runs on luck. Literally
  6. I've always wanted to be a writer or artist. 
  7. I hated college and resent the fact that I consider going back.
  8. I like to think my style is "free form".
  9. I'm not homosexual but I LOVE women. It's hard to explain. 
  10. I forget everything. It's why I'm a good secret keeper.
  11. This blog is the first thing I've started and consistently stuck to of my own accord.

Robyn's 11 Questions
  1. When and why did you start blogging? I actually got into blogging right after high school but struggled with a topic/genre. It wasn't until I started this blog in January that I felt like I made a good choice. I started because I've always had a voice and I felt like I needed to let it out.
  2. What 3 tips would you give to someone starting a blog? Go with your heart/gut when writing or speaking. Be honest; even if it's something that could be embarrassing to you. Ignore negative internal voices. You will be your worst critic and it's not always helpful to be so hard on yourself.
  3. If you could choose only one social media platform to promote your blog on which one would you choose and why? Twitter, if there was an unlimited word count. You can reach more people rather than just people you "know". Also hashtags are #life. 
  4. What's your favorite thing about my blog? Honestly? How neatly laid out it is. It's so uniform. As a graphic designer I eat that kind of stuff up.
  5. What's your favorite post on my blog? My favorite post is the recent "Bloggers Hangout" post. I was jealous that I haven't come across something like that in my area.
  6. What's your favorite post on your blog? Definitely my "Lady Lover" post. As someone who was bullied and constantly felt like I couldn't "match" other girls, being able to become someone who tries not to judge other women and love everything about them is huge for me.
  7. Who's your ultimate blogging inspiration? My mother is my ultimate inspiration. Literally everything she has ever said to me has been honest and halting. She didn't and still doesn't hold back when there is a lesson to be learned and I like to be a mini version of that voice, her voice.
  8. What or who would be your dream blogging collaboration? I actually have no idea. Being someone so new to blogging there isn't anyone I'm dying to collab with. But I would love for it to be someone with a similar outlook on life as me or someone who has been in the game long enough to make a real difference. 
  9. Was there anything you were worried about going into blogging? I stated I don't take criticism well so I was afraid of what people would think. I still am I little although I'm getting more comfortable with putting myself out there. 
  10. So far, what's been your favorite thing about blogging? The peace I feel after publishing a post. I always have so much going on in my head and sharing it just always eases so much stress and tension. 
  11. What's your favorite beauty product? It's a tie between cold cream and lipstick. I suffered with acne since about 15 yo and as I got older and saw no changes I was so fed up. I finally tried just simply using cold cream and my skin is so much better. But lipstick is just plain fun. 

Learn anything interesting about me you didn't already know? Cool! Now onto my fabulous nominees!

Lexi Lazaro is a beauty blogger that I actually went to high school with. She is an impeccable (and drop dead gorgeous) make-up artist who loves to experiment on her face (and in her hair) and she makes sure to let her readers peak into her life from time to time as well. My idea for Humpday Updates is based on her Tea Talk Tuesdays. 

Alex O'Neill is a coworker from my days at Apple and fellow writer/gamer/cool dude. His written voice is pretty powerful and I admire how deep he allows people to look with his writing. He also founded and is Chief Editor of Irrational Passions

Kia Dawkins is a college classmate who is killing the game with her youtube channel on natural hair, nails, and just straight-up happy and creative living. She's even published her first book "To Be Drenched In Dreams".

Krystal NW is a blast from my past as we were attached at the hip from pampers to middle school. Although we have since no longer talked I was excited to reconnect and hear that she is head of  Bubbly TV, where she guides and uplifts others to their greatest potential. 

30th & Weldon is the culmination of three lovely lady bloggers based here in Baltimore where they cover everything from our amazing music scene, food, living happily, creating, and just stuff that makes our city great. Danielle George, Julie Laufer, and Shea-li Liang are a blogging powerhouse that I hope I get to meet and talk to at some point in my future.

Questions for my nominees!
  1. What made you start blogging/vlogging?
  2. How do you choose your topics?
  3. If you had to limit what you do to one genre what would it be?
  4. Have you read my blog?
  5. What's your favorite part of your own blog/channel?
  6. Tell me about an interesting project you're working on.
  7. What's the end goal of your blog/channel?
  8. Describe yourself using an object. Why that object?
  9. Change the world or rule it?
  10. If you're not blogging/writing/recording, you are...?
  11. Are you ready to pass this opportunity along? 
Thank you so much for sticking in there as this was easily my longest post so far! Please check out my nominees as they are all amazing at what they do. 

Until next time!

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