Humpday Update #13

2:43:00 PM

Trying to up my reader traffic and my follower numbers has me severely in the dumps this week.

I've been looking at other blogs and reading through as many articles as I can to figure out what I'm doing wrong only to find out I'm not wrong. I'm just talking to a small group of people.

This was still enough to really upset me.

These posts and articles were basically telling me that because I don't talk makeup, food, interiors, fashion, and anything else not quite as important to me, people don't care.

I am very adamant on trying to prove this wrong.

I will not sell out to have a popular blog.

I feel as though being there to share my experiences and suggest good practices for living comfortably and happily as a young adult is more important than me chiming in on make-up trends and telling you how to dress or take care of your hair.

I know and follow several beauty and hair bloggers and their following baffles me. They are great at what they do, it's their niche, and it's their voice. But because it's not for me I'm doomed to 5 followers?


Not gonna fly.

So I am following some online advice and hosting a giveaway. Check out my blog, read some earlier posts, and if you enjoy my message follow via Bloglovin or email.

Following this blog puts you in the running for my Creativity and Organization Giveaway. Once I reach 50 followers I will choose a winner then run another giveaway for the 100 mark.

Help me make this happen.

I want to keep going.

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