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Humpday Update #13

Trying to up my reader traffic and my follower numbers has me severely in the dumps this week.

I've been looking at other blogs and reading through as many articles as I can to figure out what I'm doing wrong only to find out I'm not wrong. I'm just talking to a small group of people.

This was still enough to really upset me.

These posts and articles were basically telling me that because I don't talk makeup, food, interiors, fashion, and anything else not quite as important to me, people don't care.

I am very adamant on trying to prove this wrong.

I will not sell out to have a popular blog.
I feel as though being there to share my experiences and suggest good practices for living comfortably and happily as a young adult is more important than me chiming in on make-up trends and telling you how to dress or take care of your hair.

I know and follow several beauty and hair bloggers and their following baffles me. They are great at what they do, it's their ni…

Get It Together

I am the master of picking up a million things and starting a dozen projects without considering the time and energy it takes to get them moving. This often results in potentially amazing endeavors going unfinished and forgotten.

But if there is one thing I have been trying my hardest to master, it's time and task management.

I have also come to the very grounding conclusion that as a young adult I am not the only one going through this. Our generation largely lacks the funds, time, and resources to get some things moving. Which is why it's important that we not dive headfirst into things we won't have the means to fix when it falls apart.

Besides that, this post is more about how to prioritize things we need and want to do.

Overall, everything I'm tripping over is fairly simple. THERE'S JUST SO MUCH OF IT!

So step one:
Make a List.My list looks something like this:
re-vamp workspacegather artists and writers for art magazineget funds for printing said magazinemake…

Humpday Update #12

I am learning to take life as it is. Mostly because I've come to understand that certain situations and scenarios will come as they please. You have to go through life with some pep in your step an your head held high.

Since my last update a lot of things were packed into each day both good and bad. The greatest thing being that I turned 24 on Monday! The worst thing being someone hit Victor (my car) and kept going.

Over the course of the last seven days I have noticed how different of a person I am since my last birthday.

I have a drive now that I didn't have before; and with that drive I'm feeling the real joy that comes with finishing a project or taking big steps toward the future. Rather than stressing about what the next day will bring (or how much money it'll bring), I'm excited about the opportunity to start something new.

Nothing is more freeing that taking life one day at a time.

You can't plan for everything and you can't win them all. 

A lesson …

Pay it Forward: Liebster Award Nomination

As someone who is pretty new to the blogging world I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there was an award that could given; from one blogger to another as a way to help new bloggers gain some traction.

The over all point of this award is to help, meet, and network with other bloggers. As well as show that you are part of a larger web of bloggers that have started a wave of helping people be heard. I spent a solid two weeks mulling over my nomination and trying to decide who to nominate. I ended up with a list of people I know or knew personally at some point in my life as well as a few that I don't know, but are blogging staples in my city.

Despite my urge to help those close to me, my nominator for this award is a Style/Lifestyle/Beauty blogger from North London; Robyn Samantha. Thank you for my nomination Robyn!

Now, before I start the meat of the post, here are the "rules".

Thank and link to the person who nominated you.Give 11 random facts about you (or yo…

Humpday Update #11

Happy Humpday! Halfway through another week and powering through it.

Lot's of interesting projects and posts keeping me busy and energized while I await my 24th. Five days until my birthday people and I have no clue what to do with myself. 

p.s. mail me awesome/funny stickers for my birthday if you love me. email for my address.

A big part of my last week has been facing change. But all good things change and only boring things stay the same as far as I'm concerned. So I've been handling it all with the grace and dignity a nerd like myself can muster.

My creative spark is back. I haven't felt so ready to dive into projects for a long time and I owe it to my high level of courage and confidence that came with putting myself out there with this blog. Getting to share my thoughts and ideas has allowed me to want to share more thoughts and ideas than ever!

I am still working on my YouTube channel (for the nerdier side of my life), issue #1 of my zine "Always Late"…

And No One Else...

There are plenty of lessons my mother has taught me that I hold dear. There are also a few lessons that were hard to follow and only became staples for me in recent years.

One of the most useful for me has been the statement;

"Be yourself or be by yourself." I thought I understood the meaning of this but I was sadly mistaken. In several recent instances I have grown to truly understand what my mother meant. Being true to yourself, and simply being yourself, makes so many aspects of your life clearer and easier.

Being comfortable with my voice (both on the page and off), as well as my personal style, and other things I enjoy has made my path in life that much clearer. There were places in my life where I was conforming to other people and didn't even realize it.

This includes doing what family "expected", changing myself to catch guys or make friends, and trying to be like designers and artists I could never be.

The pressure was coming from outside sources as w…

Humpday Update #10 / BaltimoreGirls

Happy Humpday all! This week so far has been pretty insane as I continue to juggle several side projects and work at the same time. Between this blog, the YouTube Channel, the Zine, and a possible graphic Novel, my hands are so full.

But the highlight up until this update was my Sunday with the BaltimoreGirls.

It was an intense event for me. I was in a room full of one of the scariest groups of people I'd care to be around; women. I knew no one, I misread the event, and felt completely out of place for the entire two hours I spent sitting in a chair.

I was an outsider, and as a "county girl" whose idea of "city culture" differs vastly from those of the women in the room; I was so nervous I gave myself a migraine and had to leave. (that and I made the mistake of thinking it was really a 2pm-4pm event and didn't eat...) These women, to me, were the grown versions of the city girls at camp, school, and church who bullied me relentlessly for being different.


Hello April

I think everyone has the right to get REALLY excited when their birthday month rolls around. I for one, am losing my mind at the thought of giant metallic balloons in the shape of a '2' and '4'.

But I'm also acutely aware of people who disregard their birthdays as the curse of aging and the yearly reminder that their lives are not going as planned. If this is the case just change your plans.

I'll never understand why that concept is so confusing for people. 

As a soon to be '24' I am right in the age bracket of people who feel like they've gone nowhere and accomplished nothing. It sad to see and hear, and even I have my moments.

Growing up is scary and I'd like to think it always will be a little scary; no matter how old you are. Each age comes with different responsibilities and possibilities that are easy to fear. The trick to living happily is learning how to not let the fear rule you.

Your birthday is a cosmic "good job you made it"…