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Humpday Update #20

I've narrowed my search range for inspiration by a lot.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting. As I stated in my last update it's a struggle to not be influenced by so much negativity when that's all there is these days.

I could bore you with my adventures in the nerd-verse but I'd rather not...

So instead what I've decided to do this next week is attempt to educate. I don't know a lot about certain topics but I'm willing to study and make sure I cover things with accuracy. Once a light is shined on certain situations, people who were ignorant can see them differently.

This recently happened to me and it felt good to have my eyes opened, even though I felt a little like a fool. My education and upbringing does not mean I know more or less; it just means I know different.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of running head first into the ignorance of educated people. We suffer from a disease that makes us feel like we know every…

Humpday Update #19

I've been trying to get away from all the negativity I see online these days.

Although I haven't completely purged all technology yet, I have been debating it. Negativity isn't the only thing bothering me lately. I already care too much about what people think, and social media is not helping.

Everywhere I turn people are crying for attention. There is no more actual CONTENT in the world anymore. And it's making me so mad. My Instagram feed is full of shallow females, pompous males, politics, and crappy brands.

I literally shake with the want to punch the next person I see in the face.

My blog content is being affected as well. With such a crappy mood and all signs pointing to such horrible things on the internet; I can't seem to pinpoint a topic that isn't around people dying, racism, hatred, or bickering over petty games and ideas.

Detoxing the negative-nancy's, trolls, and instigators in my digital life might help. I'm avoiding the following;


What do I do?

I don't know what I'm supposed to do or say in these situations.

So in turn I choose not to watch the videos, I choose not to follow the cases, and I choose to stay quiet.


I don't feel as though i'm someone in a position to have an opinion about all this.

This is not to say I don't feel a certain way about what I see. It turns my stomach and it scares me. Because only being afraid of receiving a speeding ticket is no longer enough, I'm now afraid of loosing my life. Cue eye-rolls from people who question my "blackness".

My early opinions were along the lines of "Well if they just listened..." "If they cooperated..." "If they watched their tone..." The way I saw it, most people of color lacked a respect for law enforcement. But now these things no longer apply. Now even cooperating can get you shot. What is respect if it's bred from fear?

I refused to believe that cops could be so cruel and downright evil. I grew…

Humpday Update #18

Miss me?

My hiatus was much needed and very refreshing. Even though I didn't cover everything I wanted to... I did manage to get some stuff done and have some meaningful revelations.

New Pets - My first pet and first cat, Oliver, passed about 2-3 weeks ago. It was very painful for me as I felt as though I could have or should have done something. At 4 years I felt like it was way too soon. But there is only so much I am in a position to do for a pet. I have since been blessed with two black fur-balls of love that remind me of him everyday.

New Job - I landed a new job almost completely by accident and it made me feel as though the universe was really looking out for me on this one. MaddGear Pro Sports reached out into the world when they were ready to bring on a Jr. Designer when they found me on Indeed. Take that LinkedIn! After one really chill interview I was told I'd be joining their team. At a time where the global office will be moved from China to the US the office will …