Humpday Update #10 / BaltimoreGirls

11:57:00 AM

Photo Credit: Dominic Nell

Happy Humpday all! This week so far has been pretty insane as I continue to juggle several side projects and work at the same time. Between this blog, the YouTube Channel, the Zine, and a possible graphic Novel, my hands are so full.

But the highlight up until this update was my Sunday with the BaltimoreGirls.

It was an intense event for me. I was in a room full of one of the scariest groups of people I'd care to be around; women. I knew no one, I misread the event, and felt completely out of place for the entire two hours I spent sitting in a chair.

I was an outsider, and as a "county girl" whose idea of "city culture" differs vastly from those of the women in the room; I was so nervous I gave myself a migraine and had to leave. (that and I made the mistake of thinking it was really a 2pm-4pm event and didn't eat...) These women, to me, were the grown versions of the city girls at camp, school, and church who bullied me relentlessly for being different.

Although tense for my entire visit, I was shown that I had nothing to be afraid of.

I stuck out sure, but that couldn't be helped really, I am different.

But every woman in that room was different.

Photo Credit: Dwayne Hazelwood 

I was in a place where I was not being judged; no one was pointing and laughing at the "county girl who talked white".

The Founder of Baltimore Girls, Ms. Stephanie Safiyatou Edwards, was magic. Her vision is the simplest and most heartfelt I've ever come across. To show the world the beautiful shapes, colors, and powers of women in Baltimore.

"(Even) if you weren't born here... You came here and decided to make Baltimore your home? You a Baltimore Girl." ~ Safiyatou

I am so positive that this woman is going to change the way people look at Baltimore and the way people look at women. BaltimoreGirls is going to go very far and they are going to change the lives and outlooks of the girls involved as they go.

I plan on spending more time with them If they'll have me. Maybe not in the spotlight so much as I don't think my poor nerves can handle it. :) But behind the scenes, helping to make sure things happen for this group.

I AM a BaltimoreGirl, and I've never been prouder to say so. In just two hours I was changed for the better.

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