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The GoFundMe Pages that are Upping the Entitlement Game

This like really needs to be discussed.

And I will try not to rant but I feel like I need someone to explain to me why this is an acceptable course of action for someone who wants to travel.

I've seen about three young ladies on my Facebook feed create GoFundMe accounts so they could go abroad for study. Memories of all three ladies leaves a sour taste in my mouth although I have not seen most of them in almost five or more years. But back then these were girls who were spoiled, obnoxious, and all around mean-spirited.

Now setting the past aside...

While part of me says "It's great to want to expand your horizons." the rest of me says "Why should I pay for your travel?"

I really don't give a rat's *ss that you're studying business and want to go to Europe for three weeks. I went for two and the only person I asked for money was my mother. When I couldn't afford to go to Japan two years later for photography, I JUST DIDN'T GO!

I have seen G…

Humpday Update #4

So many projects, so much free time to get through them all. Having the time and the energy to do things I enjoy is a feeing I am greatly enjoying getting used to. I have a long lists of interests and projects I'm ready to dive into including;

Herb Studies, Holistic Healing, and Tea MakingIllustrationYoutube/VideographyFilm/Instant Photography
 My last two updates have been about my pending youtube page so I promise not to rant about that anymore. Although I will say it's going along quite nicely.

I don't have much to touch on otherwise.

I have some business to attend to outside the blog so thats all darlings.

An Extra Day of Your Life

I heard something interesting at work this morning.

With there being an extra day at the end of this month you have "an extra day of your life".

Pretty cool thought right? It gets better; use this day to do something extraordinary or exciting. Make this day one to not forget, whether you go out to your favorite restaurant and order something crazy, or get out and go someplace you've always wanted to go.

Options can be a little limited this time around because this spare day lands on a Monday. Bummer. But what better way to pump up a soggy old Monday than with amazing plans?

I personally plan on getting my hands on the largest margarita I can find. (because I'm missing out on national margarita day today)

Besides this awesome outlook on a longer month, I wanted to point out how people value (or don't) time. I can say that as I've gone through some of the crappier times in my twenty three years, I've learned that I need to stop wasting my time on other peopl…

Humpday Update #3

Let's talk about my Con Experience and my YouTube plans.

Trust that i'm going somewhere with this. 

My youtube channel is officially in the works and following my (rather lack luster) Katsucon 2016, I think it's time we got real in the nerd world. Nerd News Network will launch at the end of the month and hopefully become a place where real topics will be discussed. Things like body shaming in cosplay, lack of diversity in comics and anime, the phycological affect of being in a convention and returning to everyday life, and any topics the people want to hear. There will be interviews, panel discussions, and live panels at as many cons as I can get to.

With this said, my Katsucon could have been better. I was sick Friday, the fire alarm sounded on Saturday (did someone say Fire-Con 2016?), and by Sunday I realized I never want to cosplay again. I enjoyed being around friends and seeing Roulette Cosplay in action, but I'm more than ready to be much more involved.


Rain Rain Go Away: Dealing with Grey Days as an Adult

You roll over, you stretch, you look to the window... and it's gross, grey, and raining.

I have tried to explain to people a million times over why I just feel flat out crabby on bleak,  winter days. It's near impossible when you get those people with annoyingly sunny outlooks on everything and seem to be completely unaffected by days where the sun barely shines.
In truth though, I envy those people.
Since graduating college and slowly putting my adult life together, I can say my overall pessimistic outlook on life is gradually getting better. But there are still days when I don't want to leave my bed, draw, write, eat, ANYTHING. So when the sun is not shinning I am instantly in a mental space I don't enjoy.
One thought that helps me through this is that I'm not the only one dealing with rainy day blues and mild depression. With this thought in mind, it's only fair to share how I cope.

Here are a few things to try and brighten your day, no matter how dark:


Humpday Update #2

Happy Humpday!

This week so far has been pretty exciting and it's only going to get better. :) First day of Katsucon is officially tomorrow and I will be heading to the Gaylord National Resort promptly after work. I am also excited for making the step to document my weekend and share it with you guys as I attempt to start a Cosplay News channel on YouTube.

I'm lucky to know some amazing cosplayers and prop-makers personally like Rhoulette Cosplay and Bellexi Cosplay and I also enjoy cosplaying and creating myself.

I'll be diving into interviews, live convention coverages, and even panels at con's covering important topics in the world of cosplay.

That is all from me this Humpday my loves.

I have to finishing packing...

Humpday Update #1

Good morning my loves!

Welcome to my first Humpday Update. The only post that will happen every week regardless of post frequency at the time. A peek into my week so far, the past weekend, and things I've noticed in the world that should be commented on. (unless i've already dedicated a post) 

This week so far is barely plugging along; I find myself trying to find ways to stay motivated and ready for adventure. My quest has brought me to the realization that a convention I'm gearing up for is only a week away officially today. It's all pretty exciting and it's costume crunch time. And in less exciting news, Ive been helping my Boyfriend through a bit of a rough patch in his life.

While the Con is exciting (theres a link to it on your right), I've become just a bit more focused on what it means to truly help someone.

There are two odd truths about me. One, I'm an introvert who likes people.  Two, I don't know how to ask for help.

While I LOVE the occasio…

Case Of The Mondays

I can usually say that I almost never catch a case of the Mondays. But when I do it's usually a little more legitimate than simply being upset that the weekend is over.

I feel as though people who have disdain for what they do in their life wake up on Mondays (or even hit the hay on Sunday) with a nasty, anxious, feeling. I am finally at a point in my life where I like my job, I get enough rest, and I handle my business, therefor there is little to be anxious or upset about.

But, on those Mondays where I do feel down in the dumps (like today), there are ways I try to turn the day around.

Dress comfortably or wear an accessory that I really like. Fun underwear totally counts.Have a slightly more special than usual breakfast and lunch.Make a list of tasks to do before the day ends. My mood may make me forget something which will make me feel worse.Talk to someone with the power to cheer me up. Decompress after work. Drink. Shower. Face-mask. Nail-painting. More drinking. Forget abou…