Humpday Update #12

3:01:00 PM

I am learning to take life as it is. Mostly because I've come to understand that certain situations and scenarios will come as they please. You have to go through life with some pep in your step an your head held high.

Since my last update a lot of things were packed into each day both good and bad. The greatest thing being that I turned 24 on Monday! The worst thing being someone hit Victor (my car) and kept going.

Over the course of the last seven days I have noticed how different of a person I am since my last birthday.

I have a drive now that I didn't have before; and with that drive I'm feeling the real joy that comes with finishing a project or taking big steps toward the future. Rather than stressing about what the next day will bring (or how much money it'll bring), I'm excited about the opportunity to start something new.

Nothing is more freeing that taking life one day at a time.

You can't plan for everything and you can't win them all. 

A lesson learned 24 years later.

Don't wait.

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