And No One Else...

1:09:00 PM

There are plenty of lessons my mother has taught me that I hold dear. There are also a few lessons that were hard to follow and only became staples for me in recent years.

One of the most useful for me has been the statement;

"Be yourself or be by yourself."

I thought I understood the meaning of this but I was sadly mistaken. In several recent instances I have grown to truly understand what my mother meant. Being true to yourself, and simply being yourself, makes so many aspects of your life clearer and easier.

Being comfortable with my voice (both on the page and off), as well as my personal style, and other things I enjoy has made my path in life that much clearer. There were places in my life where I was conforming to other people and didn't even realize it.

This includes doing what family "expected", changing myself to catch guys or make friends, and trying to be like designers and artists I could never be.

The pressure was coming from outside sources as well as myself. All leading to anxiety, empty friendships, awkward relationships, and fruitless job searches.

Everyday I see young people trying to be what they're not; it only results in chunks of humans who look, sound, and act exactly the same. A bunch of potential just get's wasted in vast sea's of people with 100+ Facebook friends, 1,000+ Twitter followers, 10,000+ Instagram followers, who have no one to actually talk to.

Be yourself and the right people will come along to praise and join you.

Be surrounded by people who can stimulate you not dumb you down.

Do what you love and money and security will come.

You should always put yourself in a place where you can grow as a person. Not in a place where you get lost amongst the masses.

Be yourself and no one else.

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