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Hello April

I think everyone has the right to get REALLY excited when their birthday month rolls around. I for one, am losing my mind at the thought of giant metallic balloons in the shape of a '2' and '4'.

But I'm also acutely aware of people who disregard their birthdays as the curse of aging and the yearly reminder that their lives are not going as planned. If this is the case just change your plans.

I'll never understand why that concept is so confusing for people. 

As a soon to be '24' I am right in the age bracket of people who feel like they've gone nowhere and accomplished nothing. It sad to see and hear, and even I have my moments.

Growing up is scary and I'd like to think it always will be a little scary; no matter how old you are. Each age comes with different responsibilities and possibilities that are easy to fear. The trick to living happily is learning how to not let the fear rule you.

Your birthday is a cosmic "good job you made it" because everyday isn't guaranteed and you quite possibly narrowly missed several opportunities when one day could have been your last. You made it to another birthday but things aren't perfect? Make them perfect.

Life checkpoints that have twenty-something's dreading the next birthday usually go like this.

  1. "I've been out of school for months! Still no job!" As someone who basically studied the arts, I can tell you how scary this feeling is. After getting either turned down or ignored after about 100+ applications I realized I was going about it wrong. Take a step back and re-evaluate your process. Maybe shooting directly for your dream company or position isn't the best move right now. Take on something smaller or different. You never know what you might like.
  2. "I regret my field of study." Do it again. Really. I hate the thought of returning to school but there are other options. Explore a talent or learn something else. Sign up for some online classes or swing by your local community college. 
  3. "Should I be engaged yet? Have a house? Kids?" Uuuuuuh... I'll leave those answers up to you. Although, there is no rush. If you're ready it will come, if your not ready... DO YOU BOO! 
  4. "So many bills!" I'm pretty sure I've said this before. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. You may have more money, or less money, than you thought. Might be time to change your spending habits. 
  5.  "Everyone else is doing so much better than me." This one is my brain's personal favorite. Those classmates and friends that got amazing jobs right out of school are the bane of my existence. But that doesn't mean my life isn't going well in other ways. Stop comparing your life to anyone else's. That's not your job, your job is just to live for you.
Greet another year on this planet with a smile on your face, a pep in your step, and a drink in your hand! 

You made it! 

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