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Get Up, Go Out

School is out or finally over, no work on Monday, and it'll be hot and sunny all weekend. (In my hometown anyway)

What are you going to do? Hopefully not sit in the house. 
Now I love to do nothing as much as someone can love a thing. I literally make plans to do nothing and get pretty upset when those plans are ruined. But I've been slowly trying to do more because FOMO has ruined many a summer and spring break for me.
Pull out your pen and paper kiddies; we're gonna learn some stuff today. 
FOMO = Fear of Missing Out Fealing like something fun is happening somewhere without you. Although usually (in my case anyway) it's fact. Receiving or seeing a picture of your "friends" doing something awesome without you is easily the worst feeling. I'm training myself to not immediately feel as though they purposely left me out and instead think along the lines of positivity. 
GOMO = Going Out More Often Is as easy as it sounds. It's the perfect way to combat FO…

Humpday Update #15

I've been accomplishing a lot lately. Literally full steam ahead for the past month or so and I can say that it has paid off.

My Twitter following is on the rise, as is that of this blog. With so many projects rolling along nicely my first flop hit me pretty hard about a week ago.

Please allow me to step into my other self. The me that loves anime, manga, and comics. 

One of my side projects has been to bring a little taste of real life into what I experience among friends that also enjoy my nerdy indulgences and at conventions. My Facebook page and eventual channel "EchoTV" was to debut with a panel on diversity in cosplay at Otakon 2016; the convention's last year in my home town.

When the convention emailed to tell me my panel application for "Cosplaying While Black" was denied, I was angry and wanted an explanation. (One I have yet to receive) In my rejection letter they basically say that they didn't properly go through all submissions because ther…

Embracing My Spirituality Without Shunning My Christianity

This post was very hard to work on and even harder to post because of the statement of fact I will make about myself.
I choose to be a spiritual person rather than a religious one.
The question, "Does God exist?" or "Do you believe in God?" makes me very uncomfortable. Because the me raised in church and catholic school would say yes because she should, while the me who LOVED world religions and grew into an understanding of people would say something along the lines of the idea of a god being real. 
Despite where I am in my life with my beliefs, there are people and teachings I cannot turn away from. My mother, for example, who is one of the strongest and most pure christians I know, was the first who taught me that church is more than a building and who still makes sure that I pray when I feel it. I can't truly kick twenty years of teachings.
But all the same I can't forget three of the most important happenings that put me here. And in all honesty made …

Humpday Update #14

The long awaited, once skipped, update #14! Which is not very exciting...

Since my post last week about sleep I have had very little of it myself. I've bought several candles, oils, and tried many techniques. Even on the nights were I did sleep pretty soundly, that refreshed feeling only lasted but so long.

Besides that I actually haven't been up to much. I've been mostly at a standstill as I try to get submissions for "Always Late" and plan my next few posts.

I have otherwise chunked down most of my side projects and once I'm rested I can jump back into blogging and trying techniques to get new follows.

I will do what I can to kick the dreaded Hiatus Bug. But no promises...

Sleep Now, Die Later

You are not nocturnal.  Fact. Human beings were not built to be up and about after the sun goes down. There is a REASON you feel like crap the next morning when you've stayed up late or gone out. Of course this isn't about going to bed at 8 and never hanging out. It's more about why you should make sure you sleep well and regularly. 
Sleep is an integral and highly necessary part of being able to function properly. 
I promised myself I'd never miss a weekly update. But there was no Humpday Update #14 because I couldn't even formulate words yesterday. I was SO TIRED.
The notion of "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" is not cool or cute. Having your body shut down on you, even in the smallest ways, can obstruct how you go about life during the day.
It's something I've been seeing since I started college and I was even guilty of it myself. Pulling an "all nighter" was the norm, scrolling through social media until 3 am was acceptable, and pa…

Find Your Hive

What we don't see often enough are people who uplift each other. 
And what people don't seem to understand is that complete strangers can have just as much power over us as our closest friends and family. Surprise surprise, it's not about caring what people think. It's about being human.
So claim that no-one influences you because you're just so strong and I will happily ask you to have a seat and stop living in the clouds.
Someone seeing a situation in your life from the outside can say a lot about you and how you carry yourself. It can also say a lot about whether the right or wrong people are guiding you through your life. Or whether the advice you've received in the past was definitely not for the best. 
My decision to study Business when I entered school was my decision. But it was my decision for the benefit of others, not for the benefit of myself. One person, one art student, and the only art student who tagged along on a business study trip overseas n…