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Sleep Now, Die Later

You are not nocturnal.  Fact.

Human beings were not built to be up and about after the sun goes down. There is a REASON you feel like crap the next morning when you've stayed up late or gone out. Of course this isn't about going to bed at 8 and never hanging out. It's more about why you should make sure you sleep well and regularly. 

Sleep is an integral and highly necessary part of being able to function properly. 

I promised myself I'd never miss a weekly update. But there was no Humpday Update #14 because I couldn't even formulate words yesterday. I was SO TIRED.

The notion of "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" is not cool or cute. Having your body shut down on you, even in the smallest ways, can obstruct how you go about life during the day.

It's something I've been seeing since I started college and I was even guilty of it myself. Pulling an "all nighter" was the norm, scrolling through social media until 3 am was acceptable, and partying in the middle of the week was regrettable.

This resulted in bad attitudes, a depleted immune system, bad skin, and continued nights of restlessness. 

But sometimes not being able to sleep peacefully or fall asleep at all has nothing to do with your own choices. It could be stress, anxiety, or just too many thoughts.

Either way there are ways to combat slumping to bed at 1am and regretting it at 8.

  1. Eat before 8pm. If you wait until later at night to eat your body will struggle between the choice to shut down for sleep or to digest. This can cause weight gain as well as restlessness.
  2. Turn everything off well before you try to sleep. I am so guilty of keeping my computer in my lap and staring at it until I can't anymore. Then I attempt to fall asleep only to do so about an hour later when my brain finally calms down. You need some time to relax, in silence, before you can sleep comfortably. If you want to be in bed by 8 or 9 (to sleep possibly by 10), leave the phone/tv/computer alone a solid half hour before. Yes, I do expect you to lay there in the dark...
  3. Write things down. My brain seems to start really going right when I get in the bed. I keep a notebook and paper close so I can write things down. Once the thought is out of my head I can usually rest easy. This can apply to things that have you stressed as well. Organize them and right them down; make a plan. If you can't do anything about it right now, no need to stress about it.
  4. "If it's not done by EOB, let it go." The average workday is 9 to 5. Working on something and not done by five? Let it go. Consistent late evenings and nights will reck your sleep pattern.
  5. "By all means have fun, but be mature about it." Simply put, if you have work or other obligations tomorrow, no matter the time, you don't need to be out till 5am. Even if you work at 4 in the afternoon, I guarantee that throwing off your internal clock so harshly and abruptly by sleeping in till 2 will make you regret your decision around 9 the same night.
You are not cool because you haven't slept in three days.

Quite frankly you're a mess. Get it together.

Trust me.

Sleep now, die later. 

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