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Get Up, Go Out

School is out or finally over, no work on Monday, and it'll be hot and sunny all weekend. (In my hometown anyway)

What are you going to do? Hopefully not sit in the house. 

Now I love to do nothing as much as someone can love a thing. I literally make plans to do nothing and get pretty upset when those plans are ruined. But I've been slowly trying to do more because FOMO has ruined many a summer and spring break for me.

Pull out your pen and paper kiddies; we're gonna learn some stuff today. 

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out Fealing like something fun is happening somewhere without you. Although usually (in my case anyway) it's fact. Receiving or seeing a picture of your "friends" doing something awesome without you is easily the worst feeling. I'm training myself to not immediately feel as though they purposely left me out and instead think along the lines of positivity. 

GOMO = Going Out More Often Is as easy as it sounds. It's the perfect way to combat FOMO; by simply finding things to do, alone or with friends. Who cares what fun things other people are up to when you're living life as well!

My GOMO plans are a mile long this summer and I am so excited. Anime conventions galore, family barbecues, impromptu trips to Philadelphia for a proper cheesesteak, and I could go on and on.

FOMO runs rampant with people in their teens to mid twenties, and maybe even later. It's in the nature of people our age to have what I call a Rapid Friend Turnover Rate. Our interests are all over the place and we are either constantly changing our friend lineup or switching between friend groups on a loop.

Then for some of us we're just loners. (remember how I like to do nothing?)

The idea is to create an experience for yourself. While it's amazing to hang with friends it's ok when you don't and it's cool when you miss out. There is always next time. Do things that will give you a story to tell and amazing photos (or videos) of your own to share.

Go to that concert you've been dying to go to. Just put it out there and someone will want to enjoy it with you. Or hit that thrift store you've seen a million times on the way to work.


Be the hit of the summer with a party or hangout and banish FOMO for good.

Don't be a lump. Get up and get out!

Think you've got the idea of a lifetime for an event? Let Eventbrite make it easier! 
Check out their Planning & Management page.

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