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Rain Rain Go Away: Dealing with Grey Days as an Adult

You roll over, you stretch, you look to the window... and it's gross, grey, and raining.

I have tried to explain to people a million times over why I just feel flat out crabby on bleak,  winter days. It's near impossible when you get those people with annoyingly sunny outlooks on everything and seem to be completely unaffected by days where the sun barely shines.
In truth though, I envy those people.

Since graduating college and slowly putting my adult life together, I can say my overall pessimistic outlook on life is gradually getting better. But there are still days when I don't want to leave my bed, draw, write, eat, ANYTHING. So when the sun is not shinning I am instantly in a mental space I don't enjoy.

One thought that helps me through this is that I'm not the only one dealing with rainy day blues and mild depression. With this thought in mind, it's only fair to share how I cope.

Here are a few things to try and brighten your day, no matter how dark:

  1. Remember that you're not expected to control the weather. You planned for sun, warmth, and productivity. But mother nature had other plans. This is not your fault. You have to tell yourself that a productive, happy, and internally sunny day is still possible. The day is not over before it begins, the world is still turning, the sun will come out eventually and when it does you will feel even better about what you accomplished while it was away.
  2. Forget the people that expect you to be happy. Expectations set as high as being constantly happy, smiling, and ready to take over the world are impossible. And those people who feel the need to point out your frown must not have noticed it's disgusting outside. Two thumbs up for people who are perpetually happy. (does anyone else enjoy my sarcasm as much as I do?) You are not expected to be ok with the weather, a little bit of sunshine is not too much to ask for despite those people who shame you for feeling that way. You also don't owe them an explanation. Point what energy you do have away from them. You are allowed to feel blue.
  3. Tend to your mental state. Don't ignore it. You feel sad, do something that usually makes you happy. I understand that even this can sometimes be too much. For when you feel down and dark, even the things you love seem like a hassle. If this is the case, maybe tending to your emotions isn't the best course. Maybe simply acknowledging it is best. This is how I feel and it's totally ok. 
  4. Do nothing. You are in no way expected to make things happen personally when you feel as gross as the day actually is. There may be expectations from work, your children, or your significant other that cannot be overlooked. But maybe today isn't the day for your red speedo and cape. Maybe tinkering in the Bat Cave and seeing to the most basic of tasks is the best course of action. Please remember that unreal expectations of you are hardly worth the stress, especially when you're not up for it in the first place.
Simply put people, life, just like the weather, is totally out of your control. So when a little rain comes, go with it, not against it. 

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