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Humpday Update #6 / "These Damn Millennials"

I usually try to cover things that are a bit more personal with these updates, so with that said I think I get to rant at least a little.

There are several things Iv'e noticed about my own generation that both excite and sicken me. There are those of us who can set our minds to amazing feats and through unrelenting willpower and unconventional means, usually get the job done. Then there are a great many who want everything served up to them, cry when they don't get their way and are for the most part are all talk.

At this point in our lives, where all of us are basically adults, we need to stop acting like children and get real about our future.

It's already messed up as it is with previous generations going about things the way we are now. They "didn't think it would happen" or "ignored the signs" and now we're faced with things like;

  • no social security for ANYONE in our generation
  • a planet that's killing itself 
  • pay that is way off from cost of living
  • failed education system

This is only to name a few. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on...

My point ladies and gentleman; don't bother rallying behind Bernie and all of these activists if you don't plan on getting off your asses to vote. 

Every news story I see mocks our generation for one thing or another but more recently it has been how we are all hype and no action so far in this election. There is no excuse. 

You need to get off your butt.
You need to register to vote.
You need to vote.

Tattoo it to your forehead if you have to. 

Did you know that if you won't be able to get out of work or school to vote you can have a ballot mailed to you? See? There are no excuses.

Go HERE and register. Put THESE dates in your calendar.

At this point in our lives everything that happens to us is our own fault. Might as well start doing something about it. 

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