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Humpday Update #5

I've been enjoying my space recently. Like a lot....

Especially since i've been neglecting it as of late. My creative aura has been rather dull since I graduated from school last May and as of right now I'm so restless it's affecting my sleep and my space.

Creative people should be surrounded by creative areas, and i'm sure a clean/vibrant place just for me will make me less anxious as well. Therefore, I've been recreating my apartment space to suit me and my creative muse better. I'm also hoping it will help my mental state.

I never really took the time to care about how my apartment was curated.

In my last place I just put things where they fit, but given that the one-bedroom spot in Reisterstown was HUGE, everything fit pretty much everywhere. It was actually a nightmare and it didn't suit me.

My 'new' place in Baltimore City is much more my style and speed and while I don't plan on staying there forever, it is a much warmer space that I'm excited to fill. Even the smallest changes I've been making have me feeling much more at home when I arrive than before.

Certain circumstances called for new furniture and additions I've never had. There are also aspects to the apartment that will allow me to try new things. Like the closed off hearths of two fireplaces. They're my favorite.

Anyway... as I move about my slice of space on this planet I'm learning new things about myself that are only forever feeding my growth as a person.

I think everyone should really look into making a place truly theirs...

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