Humpday Update #20

12:49:00 PM

I've narrowed my search range for inspiration by a lot.

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting. As I stated in my last update it's a struggle to not be influenced by so much negativity when that's all there is these days.

I could bore you with my adventures in the nerd-verse but I'd rather not...

So instead what I've decided to do this next week is attempt to educate. I don't know a lot about certain topics but I'm willing to study and make sure I cover things with accuracy. Once a light is shined on certain situations, people who were ignorant can see them differently.

This recently happened to me and it felt good to have my eyes opened, even though I felt a little like a fool. My education and upbringing does not mean I know more or less; it just means I know different.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of running head first into the ignorance of educated people. We suffer from a disease that makes us feel like we know everything because we're educated or because we were raised in certain types of households. It's a problem and it needs to be corrected.

I hope I can be someone to introduce a little bit of a cure.

In other news... I will bore you with nerd-verse talk.

I've been murdering this podcast thing I've decided to start. I've already managed three podcasts, with a video in the works, a giveaway, and a slowly growing following. Talking about real life topics around cosplay (costuming) and conventions (anime, comic, etc.) is actually something people want to hear.

My first big project around this is a live podcast around POC and Equality in Cosplay. It makes me nervous to realize but excited that people will actually be up for talking to me about this.

It's even more unreal that the deeper the topic the more people seem to be ready and willing to listen and participate.

I didn't know I had such a voice.

But I'm loving it.

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