Humpday Update #18

1:09:00 PM

Miss me?

My hiatus was much needed and very refreshing. Even though I didn't cover everything I wanted to... I did manage to get some stuff done and have some meaningful revelations.

New Pets - My first pet and first cat, Oliver, passed about 2-3 weeks ago. It was very painful for me as I felt as though I could have or should have done something. At 4 years I felt like it was way too soon. But there is only so much I am in a position to do for a pet. I have since been blessed with two black fur-balls of love that remind me of him everyday.

New Job - I landed a new job almost completely by accident and it made me feel as though the universe was really looking out for me on this one. MaddGear Pro Sports reached out into the world when they were ready to bring on a Jr. Designer when they found me on Indeed. Take that LinkedIn! After one really chill interview I was told I'd be joining their team. At a time where the global office will be moved from China to the US the office will be abuzz with excitement and plenty of work.

Adventures in Podcasting - My YouTube endeavor has morphed into a Podcast one. I'm only 3.5 casts in (as I'm currently working on the next recording) but i'm having way more fun than I ever thought I would. With EchoCast I get to talk about Cosplay and other nerdy things that make me happy, all in a setting where I'm actually informing and helping people as well as entertaining them. Language Warning 

Friends & Family - I recently had a really deep talk/argument with my boyfriend where I was somewhat forced into the realization that feeling "lonely" is something I bring upon myself. Choosing to not go out or scaring myself out of reaching out to the friends I DO have has put me in a place where I spend my time moping with my three cats. So this past weekend I decided to forego a family function to attend a small party with friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and didn't feel as guilty as I thought I would for not spending time with my clan. Instead of piddling with my phone or watching tv at some point in the night, I was laughing, screaming, and enjoying every minute with people who aren't obligated to like me, they just do.

All in all I wanted time to focus. I was sort of spinning and exhausted to the point where I couldn't even seam to formulate a well-thought post. Now that i've had the time, get ready to hear a lot more from me. :)

Until next time.

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