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Humpday Update #9

Does anyone else find it highly annoying when you make plans to be productive and instead spend your time moping and binge-watching Archer?

I do.

Having a three day weekend for easter was supposed to be functional and full of energy. Instead of sticking to my guns I found myself doing nothing productive. I have a huge project I want to get off the ground and I've hardly started on it.

I did clean and rearrange my apartment a bit so the weekend wasn't a complete waste.

But here we are on Wednesday, feeling like a Monday, and I have nothing to show.

My new plans resolve around unifying this blog. I managed to do at least that starting this past Monday. New layout, and a slow rolling in of more unified imagery for my posts. Trying to sell a discontinued DSLR to get a small body mirrorless for post images and everyday use.

But I guess before I start shuttering away I should plan on leaving the comfort of my bed and Netflix more often...


Humpday Update #8

Happy Humpday Duckies!

I don't know what's going on with me and ducks this week...

Actually not a whole lot to cover as far as updates go. I've still been focusing on that whole "creative space" thing from three weeks ago. It's a slow process but is fun and interesting none the less.

I'm attempting to cut out television (Netflix) starting today up to my next update. I seriously doubt I'll make it since I have a three day weekend but we'll see. I'll be dedicating myself to my record player and my sketchbooks. The goal of this? Finish all the artwork for my Zine before moving onto the written pieces.

And yes I'm working on a Zine! Which is just fancy words for a small art book. I do plan on it being a several issue project, and I'll include other artists as I gain momentum.

Hopefully next week I'll have some artwork to show you.

Until then! Enjoy the next week!

Selective Compassion

So I have written about this topic before.

When Paris was attacked, I was ashamed (even of myself) of the way people reacted to this country going through what they did. It was sad and we felt for them. But has anyone else noticed that we only ever feel for these "super power" countries when so many other places go through this everyday?

The following is what I wrote after Paris.

Every one of us is guilty.
We tend not to change the color overlay of our facebook pictures for countries like Afghanistan or Syria. Most of us don't even know that China's youth is so opressed and depressed that they're locking themselves away in their rooms and even killing themselves. No one bat an eye at the college campus in Kenya where 147 people were killed. And the Paris media attention drowned out the suicide bombing tragedy in Beirut one day before.
What happened in Paris is indeed a tragedy. But it brings to light how we as Americans pick and choose who to show our compassio…

Humpday Update #7

I've jumped in.

There are so many things that hold women back from doing, saying, and wearing things they enjoy simply because the backlash that will follow is too much to handle. The same can even be said for me. There are things one grows up hearing and seeing that makes us feel as though certain activities and idea's are untouchable.

As of last weekend I signed up for, and thoroughly enjoyed, my first pole fitness and acrobatics class.

I went into it completely tense and scared.

There is a stigma even around the word "pole" alone, let alone when you add "dance" or even replace it with "fitness". I found myself googling moves, and videos, and found that the stigma is even present within this exotic new world i'm in as some dancers shun strippers all together and that in competition (yes they compete) strippers are barred from entering. Besides this, videos focused on power and technique, not being sexy. Most women who do it actually see and…

Humpday Update #6 / "These Damn Millennials"

I usually try to cover things that are a bit more personal with these updates, so with that said I think I get to rant at least a little.

There are several things Iv'e noticed about my own generation that both excite and sicken me. There are those of us who can set our minds to amazing feats and through unrelenting willpower and unconventional means, usually get the job done. Then there are a great many who want everything served up to them, cry when they don't get their way and are for the most part are all talk.

At this point in our lives, where all of us are basically adults, we need to stop acting like children and get real about our future.

It's already messed up as it is with previous generations going about things the way we are now. They "didn't think it would happen" or "ignored the signs" and now we're faced with things like;

no social security for ANYONE in our generationa planet that's killing itself pay that is way off from cost…

Make Space: Carving Out Your Slice of the Universe

Having a place to retreat to or a place to truly call home is one of the most important things in life that many young people overlook. I think that the notion of being free makes us forget what it's like to have a home.

Who do you suppose decided birds are free? They can fly wherever they choose...but if there's no branch for them to return to they might regret having wings, don't you think? Perhaps true freedom is having a home to return to.~Unknown
The moment I realized I wanted to move out I had no second thoughts, I was ready thanks to my mother training me vigorously on how to care for myself and why it's important to break away and become my own person.

Moving out isn't always a necessity in creating your space, though having more than just your room can make it easier. (seriously guys please stop trying to live by your own rules when you not paying for anything) I have seen other apartment spaces and the spaces of people still at home, and while most were j…

Humpday Update #5

I've been enjoying my space recently. Like a lot....

Especially since i've been neglecting it as of late. My creative aura has been rather dull since I graduated from school last May and as of right now I'm so restless it's affecting my sleep and my space.

Creative people should be surrounded by creative areas, and i'm sure a clean/vibrant place just for me will make me less anxious as well. Therefore, I've been recreating my apartment space to suit me and my creative muse better. I'm also hoping it will help my mental state.

I never really took the time to care about how my apartment was curated.

In my last place I just put things where they fit, but given that the one-bedroom spot in Reisterstown was HUGE, everything fit pretty much everywhere. It was actually a nightmare and it didn't suit me.

My 'new' place in Baltimore City is much more my style and speed and while I don't plan on staying there forever, it is a much warmer space that I…

The Deal With Being A Lady Lover

Women are each other's worst enemies when we should be each other's greatest asset.

My general attitude towards other women is genuine excitement at their happiness and beauty. My first instinct is not to criticize but to uplift and this is hardly found in female interactions.

My question on this matter is, why do women treat each other so harshly when the world is already against them?

It's a waste of time and energy to put down ANY woman for ANYTHING. Just because you do not agree with a woman's choices in life, clothing, work, religion, or how she was educated it does not make her less than you.

If you seriously think you are just that much better than anyone else I cannot wait for the day where the truth comes to put you in your place.  I never even thought too much about my attitude on women until a friend and old coworker pointed out to me how my attitude toward her made her feel. (this is the second time she's done this but why dwell on what comes naturally…