Humpday Update #19

1:12:00 PM

I've been trying to get away from all the negativity I see online these days.

Although I haven't completely purged all technology yet, I have been debating it. Negativity isn't the only thing bothering me lately. I already care too much about what people think, and social media is not helping.

Everywhere I turn people are crying for attention. There is no more actual CONTENT in the world anymore. And it's making me so mad. My Instagram feed is full of shallow females, pompous males, politics, and crappy brands.

I literally shake with the want to punch the next person I see in the face.

My blog content is being affected as well. With such a crappy mood and all signs pointing to such horrible things on the internet; I can't seem to pinpoint a topic that isn't around people dying, racism, hatred, or bickering over petty games and ideas.

Detoxing the negative-nancy's, trolls, and instigators in my digital life might help. I'm avoiding the following;

  • attention seekers 
  • companies with pushy advertising
  • people I no longer consider "friend"
  • all things political (including several movements I shouldn't have to name)
  • general idiots
It's just too much. 

I'm perfectly fine with hiding under a nice warm rock.

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