The GoFundMe Pages that are Upping the Entitlement Game

1:56:00 PM

This like really needs to be discussed.

And I will try not to rant but I feel like I need someone to explain to me why this is an acceptable course of action for someone who wants to travel.

I've seen about three young ladies on my Facebook feed create GoFundMe accounts so they could go abroad for study. Memories of all three ladies leaves a sour taste in my mouth although I have not seen most of them in almost five or more years. But back then these were girls who were spoiled, obnoxious, and all around mean-spirited.

Now setting the past aside...

While part of me says "It's great to want to expand your horizons." the rest of me says "Why should I pay for your travel?"

I really don't give a rat's *ss that you're studying business and want to go to Europe for three weeks. I went for two and the only person I asked for money was my mother. When I couldn't afford to go to Japan two years later for photography, I JUST DIDN'T GO!

I have seen GoFundMe posts for some very worth it projects and NEEDS. I'm friends with amazing artists and creators who need funds to get excellent ideas off the ground, I've seen friends struggling with medical bills for family members or even pets. Studying overseas is an eye opener; it's fun and it can make you a more well rounded person but I don't see why, as someone you've never talked to or done anything for, I should help you travel.

There is always the argument that I don't have to give them anything. but why should anybody? If I really cared about you, and wanted you to go, you would't need to ask me for money I would just give it to you.

When is the right or wrong time to ask people for money and why do these teens/young adults not know the difference?

Have you already earned most of it and just need a little more help?

Has your family already given what they can?

I'm also sure there are grant programs that will give you money if you show them the importance of the trip and why you deserve to go. (I looked into this for myself and seeing as I wasn't building schools or feeding the homeless I didn't qualify, rightfully so)

My outlook and opinion is obvious. What's yours?

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