Case Of The Mondays

2:09:00 PM

Photo Credit: Robin Eisenberg 
I can usually say that I almost never catch a case of the Mondays. But when I do it's usually a little more legitimate than simply being upset that the weekend is over.

I feel as though people who have disdain for what they do in their life wake up on Mondays (or even hit the hay on Sunday) with a nasty, anxious, feeling. I am finally at a point in my life where I like my job, I get enough rest, and I handle my business, therefor there is little to be anxious or upset about.

But, on those Mondays where I do feel down in the dumps (like today), there are ways I try to turn the day around.

  1. Dress comfortably or wear an accessory that I really like. Fun underwear totally counts.
  2. Have a slightly more special than usual breakfast and lunch.
  3. Make a list of tasks to do before the day ends. My mood may make me forget something which will make me feel worse.
  4. Talk to someone with the power to cheer me up. 
  5. Decompress after work. Drink. Shower. Face-mask. Nail-painting. More drinking. 
  6. Forget about the day. The worse you can do is dwell on your negative feelings.

Any of these can be applied to any bad day and can be completely different. Everyone processes a sucky day differently. 

But the bottom line is to not let a less than great day ruin your vibe. Throw back your shoulders, slap on a smile, and beat Monday with a positive attitude. 

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