Humpday Update #3

12:40:00 PM

Let's talk about my Con Experience and my YouTube plans.

Trust that i'm going somewhere with this. 

My youtube channel is officially in the works and following my (rather lack luster) Katsucon 2016, I think it's time we got real in the nerd world. Nerd News Network will launch at the end of the month and hopefully become a place where real topics will be discussed. Things like body shaming in cosplay, lack of diversity in comics and anime, the phycological affect of being in a convention and returning to everyday life, and any topics the people want to hear. There will be interviews, panel discussions, and live panels at as many cons as I can get to.

With this said, my Katsucon could have been better. I was sick Friday, the fire alarm sounded on Saturday (did someone say Fire-Con 2016?), and by Sunday I realized I never want to cosplay again. I enjoyed being around friends and seeing Roulette Cosplay in action, but I'm more than ready to be much more involved.

Returning to the real world after being around my people, as I like to refer to them, makes me realize that I am nothing like most of them. If anything, I'm their worst enemy in real life.

I found myself using words like popular and cool to set myself and a few others apart from the "antisocial" and "awkward" others. Despite enjoying the same things, I still believe that outside of convention walls, people conform to one tag or another.

My friends and I caught ourselves doing this by Saturday and discussed what it must be like to be bullied, overlooked, lumped together, and to feel like you can only be yourself alone or at a convention. What do these people do outside? Do they hit bars and clubs, go to movies, date, work, or anything that society sees as normal? And given that, what is normal anyway?

Why is it that the convention community is more open and welcoming to everybody, no matter how they live, than the world outside?

This was all I thought about on the drive home Sunday. I would be going back to work, seeing my boyfriend, going out with friends, and dealing with my adult life. How many people would be doing the same? How many would be returning to their bully at school, going back to hating their body, feeling misrepresented in the things they love, burying themselves in a passion just to get away from it all until the next time?

I want my channel to be an answer to these questions. I've seen how many people you-tuber's like Markiplier have touched and aided over time and the response is incredible. I want to talk about something I enjoy with other people who enjoy the same things while bringing in some realness.

I want to be an outlet, I want to see a community of people get together and address real life inside the bubble of people who try to ignore it.    

It's time for change in how people view us, them, and everyone in-between.

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