Humpday Update #1

12:17:00 PM

Good morning my loves!

Welcome to my first Humpday Update. The only post that will happen every week regardless of post frequency at the time. A peek into my week so far, the past weekend, and things I've noticed in the world that should be commented on. (unless i've already dedicated a post) 

This week so far is barely plugging along; I find myself trying to find ways to stay motivated and ready for adventure. My quest has brought me to the realization that a convention I'm gearing up for is only a week away officially today. It's all pretty exciting and it's costume crunch time. And in less exciting news, Ive been helping my Boyfriend through a bit of a rough patch in his life.

While the Con is exciting (theres a link to it on your right), I've become just a bit more focused on what it means to truly help someone.

There are two odd truths about me. One, I'm an introvert who likes people.  Two, I don't know how to ask for help.

While I LOVE the occasional party and being at conventions surrounded by people, I get cranky when I go too long without alone time. And although I'm not the best at asking for help. I never seem have any problem giving it, as long as it's on my terms.

  1. I don't give money.
  2. I don't put my home in danger.
  3. I don't put myself in danger.
  4. NO ONE but me drives my car.
One is self explanatory, I'll feed you no problem, little gas is ok, but you need more than $20? Sorry not sorry. If your in serious trouble, like someone is out to get you, you may not stay at my place and better yet stop talking to me. That's what 911 is for.  Victor is a precious angel. You are not listed on my insurance. My MOM pays for that car. You MAY NOT drive him.

I have stepped away from a rule or two several times (not the car one though) and I've sacrificed my precious space in order to help someone I love. And I don't feel odd, or betrayed, or anxious. I've never really had someone need me. Like, he has no one else. My cats need me, sure, but only to a degree. Another human needing me? Mind blown.

Having some rules in place is good for keeping yourself and your belonging safe. But all the same helping someone should be without limits. And you should never expect something in return.

Help with repayment is business, not kindness. 

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