Find Your Hive

1:21:00 PM

What we don't see often enough are people who uplift each other. 

And what people don't seem to understand is that complete strangers can have just as much power over us as our closest friends and family. Surprise surprise, it's not about caring what people think. It's about being human.

So claim that no-one influences you because you're just so strong and I will happily ask you to have a seat and stop living in the clouds.

Someone seeing a situation in your life from the outside can say a lot about you and how you carry yourself. It can also say a lot about whether the right or wrong people are guiding you through your life. Or whether the advice you've received in the past was definitely not for the best. 

My decision to study Business when I entered school was my decision. But it was my decision for the benefit of others, not for the benefit of myself. One person, one art student, and the only art student who tagged along on a business study trip overseas noticed something about me and was human enough to speak up about it. 

She saw someone trudging through the wrong major for the wrong reasons. Everything about me screamed "art student" to her but here I was in the business management major and I couldn't even tell her why. 

"Why don't you change majors? It's not too late."

That's all she had to say to me. That's all it took, and I applied for the change promptly among my return. My new major had it's challenges, trust me, but challenges I could face because I wanted to do it for me.

Have you ever had someone you know really well tell you you look good, only to feel like they're just saying that because you're friends? Yet when I stranger on the street compliments you, truly and honestly compliments you it can turn your whole day around?

This is what I mean when I say that strangers have power over us. And when the right strangers use their power for good, amazing things can come of it.

  1. Be open minded
  2. Be honest
  3. Be yourself

Allowing other things to influence you can almost always work out to your advantage. You are not the pinnacle of all knowledge and creativity. Neither is anyone else. But it's when we allow each other to be influencers and teach us new things that we can join together and become that much more ready for life.

Be honest with people and especially with yourself. An honest comment or observation to a friend, stranger, or your own reflection can change a course for the better. Even if that observation isn't the kindest, and may come off harsh. Take the time to think through what you see and how it will affect the other party, then approach them in privacy and confidence.

Being you is something that can't be stressed enough. Your hive is not made of the people who make you feel silly or stupid for being you. Your hive is made of people who respect who are and enjoy (or at least understand) the things that make you happy.

One would think people our age don't need to be told how to help others and ourselves. But I believe that as we get older it's something we tend to forget.

Now go compliment a stranger. Affirm yourself. And find your hive. 

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