Humpday Update #25

11:30:00 AM

I like really love starting projects. Can you tell?

But this project is a big one, one that will take most likely the entire year of 2017 to reach it's full potential. I'll need friends, partners, and possibly a kick-starter... The best part about this project is that I get to empower other creatives while also empowering myself.

One of the things I see across my social media, and one of the things I've noticed I face myself, is that creatives need other creatives to get most projects off the ground. Whether it be a critique or a partner, creatives are constantly searching for the "other half" of a great idea.

Writers need Illustrators.
Musicians need Videographers.
Photographers need Graphic Designers.
The list goes on and on.

In it's early stages (like right now) Maker Mashup exits solely as a Facebook group and its parent page. Bringing creatives together in a more chaotic place than I'd refer, but everything has to start somewhere.

By October I plan to be in the beginning stages of coding and testing a fully functional website.

 I'll stop here so my full idea isn't stolen. For right now there's legal stuff to look into so I can really get this thing moving!

If you're a creative of any kind, join the group and like the page. I'm excited to see what creatives will do together!

Maker Mashup - Group
Maker Mashup - (Parent) Page

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