Humpday Update #23: "Project Motivation"

11:29:00 AM

2016 Eisner Award Winning "Paper Girls"

So what you probably can't tell from my absence is that I've been secretly working on "Project Motivation". I talk a lot about making lists, getting things done, and tackling personal projects; as well as being tired, worn out, and just plain not in the mood. All the while "Project Motivation" has been a go.

Christmas was the best time to really put things into action. I got the whole week off from work which was much needed to recharge and focus on things I really wanted to do.

I spent time with family, my boyfriend, and my fur babies and recently finally went shopping. Getting mostly things to change my living space up including a new desk and trinkets to draw me back into drawing and designing. I grabbed a graphic novel I've been wanting to start and fun bits and bobs.

The major bits of "Project Motivation" have been set into motion or completed.

  • Create a Workspace
  • Create/Update a Website/Portfolio
  • Start Writing Again
My new website can be found in the "Design" link at the top of the blog or here; and I'm taking on new projects *wink wink*.  My new workspace is cozy and clean and I just want to sit there all the time now. As for the writing i've picked up my writing on every front; here on the blog, my fan-fiction, and occasionally in a journal or two since I'm a bit of a paper junkie.  I've taken a bit of a break from my podcast as I try to wrap my head around what direction it's heading in. But I'm happy with where it's suspended in space...

I see quite a few posts coming in the future as I try to keep this motivation train on the tracks!

Thanks for reading! 

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