2016 Wrap-Up: "Next Year I'll Do Something"

12:13:00 PM

I'm not 100% sure what my resolution(s) for 2016 even was... I'm sure I set one; pretty sure anyway. But then again I don't know when I finally realized that resolutions are pretty stupid. I mean, it's mostly just something no one ever completes right? 

I guess it's just not for everybody. There are those people who can set and reach clear goals of any difficulty. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I've learned over this past year that I just sort of need to live "free form". I don't really meet goals or milestones and when I don't I feel like I failed somehow. 

I'd rather feel refreshed and excited by trying something new or completing something old than like I have meet goals to please others or myself. 

Because let's be honest, those resolutions aren't really for you. If they were they'd be personal, not blasted all over social media so we can feel good about others seeing how hard we're trying. Hopefully 2017 will be less of a "look at me!" year and more of a "doing" year. 

Do and share the things that make you happy, not the things that will just impress others...

Looking back on the year It was pretty hard for me to even put a finger on what made it special. I lived through; that would be my crowing achievement. ...or even better I didn't total a car this year...

In all honesty though there were some spots worth remembering. Getting a full-time salary job, losing a pet, making art, watching my mom get married... 2016 wasn't a total waste. But I still don't feel like I made something of the year.

I want 2017 to be a year where I actually do some amazing things. I want to end the year feeling accomplished rather than like NYE is just another day. Having to actually try and think of things that made this year what it was shouldn't have been so hard. It definitely took me a minute as I put together my #bestnine for Instagram; and even still i'm not very happy with it. 

I guess if I had to pick a resolution it would be to BE HAPPY. Shouldn't be too hard...

Instead of picking some everyday resolution this year, do something like this. 

  1. Something for you.
  2. Something for someone you love.
  3. Something for someone you don't know.
  4. Something new.
  5. Something old. 
Five things; very simple. Five small or large things to try and do before 2017 ends. No big unattainable resolution, no flashy like-bait for Facebook. Just make the year worth looking back on and saying, "This year was great. I did something."

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