Just Do It

12:30:00 PM

I used to be that person. Full of complaints with no solutions.

Now I'm the person that will still complain (only the truth!), but I also make an effort to get off my butt and DO something about my "problems".

The things I hear and see vary from things people want to do, to places they want to visit, and life changes they want to make. If you have so many gripes... why not just do something else?

There are so many factors to consider when the time comes to make a change. I can promise you that I understand it. Some changes will greatly affect other things in your life while others will have no affect at all.

For example, wanting a new job will affect the current job, the skills you may have to acquire or sharpen to switch, the time it will take to apply (and schedule interviews), and the change to your income can affect your life negatively or positively. While on the other hand wanting to do something simple like learning to cook is as simple as GETTING OFF YOUR BUTT AND COOKING!

In either situation sitting around complaining is doing nothing to help you.

It's only annoying those around you and filling you with dread and anxiety.

The complaints are happening as a unit as well. Especially among young people or twenty-somethings. We sit around forming groups of people who dislike a thing but do nothing to actually enforce a change. I mean, what are you guys doing? Eating cheese and crackers in a circle?

We came from the "Be What You Wanna Be" generation, we had literally everything handed to us. The generation that was basically lied to because we haven't been given the same means as our parents and grandparents. But this does not put a gold stamp on our constant angry letters and rants. It should be pushing us to FIND the means and MAKE things happen.

Already wallowing in student debt? Teach yourself that new thing instead of spending more money in school! Hate your job? Get a new one! Tired of that one friend? Cut them off! Want to go out? Go!

The things you want to do and change are not impossible. But it's also smart to remember that changes will not happen right away.

You are not going to be handed your dream job, apartment, or car. Skills don't fall from the sky. People don't wake up a different person. Change doesn't happen by osmosis.

Your "problems" will not fix themselves.

I use that word loosely as I've also noticed that a lot of these complaints are over nothing even remotely important in the broad scope of your life. I feel like we need to clarify Needs vs. Wants. A post for another day...

You are talented, educated, brave, and beautiful (guys too. <3). Stop living in the past and stop stressing about the future.

Do what you can do today.

But for the love of your own sanity, please stop complaining and just do it.

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