Let's Get Serious

11:49:00 PM

It's about time I get more serious about my blogging. 

I have so many ideas and insights, like anyone really, and sharing them with others is an opportunity I've failed to take advantage of. I sit around most days with these epic monologues happening in my head and I never write them down or share them. I just tend to sit there, staring into space, aghast at my vast mind and intellect *rolls eyes* 

I'm no expert. I'm only 23, just starting my first full-time job, and I've only lived alone for about three years now. There is so much I still have to figure out but I think that as I go it will make for interesting life lessons, entertainment, and advice. I've learned about friends, heartbreak, finances, cars, feeding oneself, and really anything else you have to venture into when you move away from home and college ends.

There is so much to life that I didn't realize until it was too late.

And that's just how it works. 

No one can really tell you what will come your way although they'll try. Heck, I'll try. I think it's nice to have some idea about whats coming around the corner. Rest assured that most things will still come as a surprise. 

You can never be ready for life's next slap to the face. 

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